Innovation and the environment

Attention to the environment,
production of clean energy

SAIPA is a company that places a great deal of emphasis on environmental issues, and some years ago obtained equipment to develop energy from renewable sources. A first vegetable biomass system fed principally with rape and sunflower oil has been operational since 2006 and produces 70% of the company's energy. A second similar system will become operational shortly, between the end of 2010 and 2011, and will make the company completely independent from the energy standpoint through the use of vegetable oils.


Research and development

Saipa's large, modern establishments avail of all the latest technologies in line with current European directives concerning health and hygiene. Saipa is always at the technological cutting edge and in search of new projects, and has embarked on a partnership with the University of Ancona to exploit energy from renewable sources with an end to becoming self-sufficient for its energy requirements.

Another pioneering project already underway with the University of Camerino regards embarking on a study for producing organic fish.
Lastly, university supervision also serves as a means of controlling the analyses carried out by the internal analysis laboratory for each individual batch of Saipa-branded feeds.