Cured meats without allergens

All Saipa products are free from sources of gluten. Many cured meats from the Gluten-Free range are included in the Handbook issued by the AIC, the Italian Celiac Association: Ciauscolo, pure pork Saipino Salamino, salamis such as the Abruzzo, Ascolano, Corallina, Fabriano, Mignon, Milano, Napoli, Roman Pressed, Hungarian and Spicy Ventricina types, and the pure pork Torciglione, Bologna sausage, the mild Rustica sausage and the spicy Rustica sausage. The Gluten-Free products also include the Milano-type salami, the Roman pressed salami and the Hungarian-type salami from the "Oro" (Gold) range.

Recently, a new range without milk and its derivatives has also been introduced, which includes the following deli meats: Milano-type salami, Hungarian-type salami, Fabriano-type salami, Ascolano, Aquilano, Saipino and the "salsiccia passita" or "withered sausage", a drier kind of sausage with a mild flavour only produced in this range dedicated to those that suffer from food intolerances.