Traditional cured meats from Marche

There are four cured meats, and they are the company's crowning glory; Ciauscolo I.G.P, Fabriano salami, Ascolano salami and cured ham. All are OGM free supply chain cured meats that are exclusively made using certified Italian meat.

Aside from the king of them all, Ciauscolo, another cured meat traditionally made in the Marche is Fabriano salami, which involves skilful preparation and a time-honoured tradition. To make it, the very best meat from the pig (shoulder and thigh) is finely chopped, after which diced lardoons are added before packing it in gut from the large intestine. As long ago as 1692, it seems that the municipality of Fabriano valued its exquisite salami as being worth 42 pennies a pound, against the 32 pennies for ham. It is a delicacy that was also highly rated by Giuseppe Garibaldi, as witnessed by a letter dated 1881 and addressed to the Fabriano-born Major Benigno Bigonzetti, in which the Italian hero thanks him for sending the salami and tells him how delicious he found it.

Ciauscolo I.G.P

The most traditional salami of the Marche, of ancient origins, renowned for being soft and spreadable, it obtained I.G.P status in 2009.

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