Traditional cured meats

From the north to the south of Italy, from Milano salami to the spicy Ventricina, all kinds of cuisines are represented by traditional Saipa cured meats, which are divided between specialities, salami and sausages.
The sausages are both mild and spicy. The rustic sausage, in both versions, is highly flavoursome.
The traditional cured meats are prepared using our own meat, and with the addition of selected meats.

The smoked and spicy ranges offer further choice for those who enjoy stronger, more powerful flavours. The mild and spicy Casereccia Sausage, the mild and spicy Napoli Sausage, the mild and spicy Rustica Sausage and Napoli-type salami and spicy Ventricina are all part of the smoked range.
The specialities include Torciglione, an original Saipa invention first created in 1992, a cured meat that boasts no less than three patents, produced in very large quantities and much-loved and sold throughout every area of Italy. It is a medium-coarse salami 5 metres long, with a characteristic shape that is wound up on itself, and weighs an average of 7 kg.


The specialties